Scout Pioneering Book

Scout Pioneering, Good Ol’ Fashioned Outdoor Fun, is filled with all the information, illustrations, and instructions a unit needs to get an effective pioneering program off the ground and flourishing. The book provides a wealth of resources, invaluable to a troop wanting to provide its Scouts with rich pioneering opportunities that are memorable and fun.

  • 312 clearly formatted pages
  • Over 250 pioneering-related photos bringing the text to life and capturing real Scouts in action
  • Revealing links to over 40 of the author’s content-relevant,  BSA-recognized how-to and Scout meeting activity videos.

Chapters on:

  • How to get started and keep Scouts coming back for more
  • Skills
  • Scout Meeting Activities
  • Camp Gadgets
  • Project Building
  • Program Development

Planning Scout Meetings that are Meaningful, Engaging, and Fun